Nurse Spotlight: Amelia

January 10, 2018

Nurse Spotlight: Amelia




Missy: How long have you been a nurse?

Amelia:10 years

Missy: Why did you decide to become a nurse?

Amelia: I really liked the schedule. My mom was a Nurse, seeing her work a few days out the week was my model of what a workweek should look like!

Missy: What do you love the most about nursing?

Amelia: Finding people’s strengths and talents always appealed from me. I liked that Nursing allows me to find strengths and restore people to their highest level of functioning.

Missy: What do you like the least about nursing?

Amelia: Unfortunately, a “scarcity” mindset seems to be encouraged among some Nurses. Nurses are encouraged to only look at their gifts in terms of what they can do in a “Nurse” role. Opposite of scarcity is the abundant mindset: “The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth or security.”

Missy: Finish the statement. If I wasn’t a nurse, I’d probably be              .

Amelia: A Nutritional Consultant. I am doing this now but it is very very part time. After making dietary changes, I have seen health improvements with myself and others. I’m simply sharing  what I have seen work, it’s something we do any way as we like sharing/ recommending what has helped us.

Missy: Who inspired you to become a nurse? 

Amelia: My Mom

Missy: What is one tip that you have for an aspiring nurse or nursing student?

Amelia: Set up both a Personal and Professional Network of support that is established outside of the facility where you work.

Missy: Nurse burnout is one of the most challenging issues in the nursing field. What are you doing to prevent yourself from experiencing this in your career? 

Amelia: Burnout is a very isolating experience. When it happened to me, even the time leading up to that moment was isolating. My life mainly consisted of Nursing, and not much else. Learning about my various talents helped met get through Burnout successfully. Having activities and income streams outside of my Nursing Day job has help as well. Having meaning outside of work allowed me to keep my challenges as a RN in perspective. Being a nurse is challenging but the benefits are free training at conferences, opportunities for course design, project management, committee participation and an abundance of presenting/ speaking opportunities. Again, very valuable skills that all translate nicely outside of Nursing. I’ve used this and other training to start to build businesses outside of Nursing. Getting started as a Business Owner is not that hard and there is plenty of support. It’s up to us to speak to our value as a whole and support one another in our successes. For better or worse, Nurses are viewed as a collective.  When one does well, it reflects on us all, so we really need to support one another. I am honored that Missy ( your FB name ?) asked me to share my story as I have really admired what she has done and what she is doing to care for her community of Healthcare Professionals.

To learn more about Amelia and how she helps nurses transition from bedside to Boss follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @RN_solutions. See more on her blog at www. and

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